Sunday, 18 August 2013


Wearing: Alice In The Eve Leather Look Track Pants, Agent Ninetynine Narrow Stripe Tee, Nike Roshe Runs, Michael Kors watch, Gutter Gods Get Lifted beanie and Givenchy mini Pandora.

With sports luxe making its way into many of our wardrobes and a very laid back streetstyle following not so far behind, it's to no surprise that my most recent purchase was a pair of lush Nike Roshe Runs. At the discounted price of just $70 (thanks to HypeDC) I've finally found a pair of Nike kicks that can be worn suitably on a day to day basis. Unlike many other ballsy women I've seen, I've often felt very uncomfortable with the idea of trying to effortlessly rep Nike Free's with a pair of non-sporting leggings. However these spongey soled street kicks will make all the sneaker freakers jump for joy. A less bulky and more streamlined version of its distant relative, Nike Air High Tops, means the small platform (most beneficial for the vertically challenged) makes it much easier to pair with casual clothing.

A well over-due addition to my wardrobe is the leather look track pant with elasticised cuffs. Usually I'm all for a good online buy, however when it comes to pants I'm just not able to take the plunge. Many online boutiques are churning out this style like they're going out of fashion but thankfully for me, trusty General Pants Co. saved the day. Alice In The Eve's version are extremely comfortable and their non-highwaisted nature is a nice change from all my other pants. The cuffed bottom means they can be paired with platform jelly sandals, runners (as picture above) and even strappy stiletto heels for a dressier look.

Teamed nicely with these uber-comfortable Roshe's, is must have winter fashion accessory - Gutter Gods Get Lifted Beanie. Saving me from cold ears one too many times in Melbourne, this top quality knitwear certainly serves its purpose. With an array of 4 different colours, you're sure to find one to match every outfit. I opted to receive the oh so simple black/grey/white combo, as these staple colours define my wardrobe and are guaranteed to stay in fashion. This locally owned Perth brand has seen itself off to a flying start with an online presence since 2012 and an interest on a national scale. For more tee, jumper and snapback styles be sure to check them out at and!

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